Earrings are feminine jewelry items that attract attention to facial features and accentuate our uniqueness and good taste



Rings are timeless, transcending fads and current trends. The help us express our mood and creativity. They can remind us who we are.



Pendants complete our everyday look or accentuate our evening look in a simple and elegant way


Men's Jewelry

We design powerful jewelry for men as well

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About us

Once upon a time, in a small town near Tel Aviv, there lived a family of six. Mother, father, Noam the eldest son, Miri, his adoring sister, and two younger kids, Nir and Tamar.

  Noam and Miri are us. There are less than two years between us, and we were good friends as far as we remember. We played lots of games of imagination, were busy with various creativity projects, teased each other a bit, and helped each other a lot. Then we grew up, raised families and developed our careers, and each one focused on his and her hobbies and interests.

Noam set up his own Software and Electronics company and expanded his horizons with hobbies such as Ceramics, painting, jewelry making and spiritual development.

Miri, his ever admiring younger sister, worked as an Electrical engineer for many years, and also studied photography, knitted a lot, and played around with beads and findings.

There was always a dream to one day work together. But sometime the idea was not right, the time was wrong, and the dream seemed like a fleeting mirage.


  Noam started his journey in jewelry making as a hobby more than thirty years ago, when he took an extra credit course as a university student. Over the years he kept taking classes, learning various techniques and adding different methods to his repertoire.

  A few years ago Miri has started going to Jewelry-making classes, first as a side hobby and then as a passion. Noam decided to join her in her classes, after several years where the everyday demands of family and career have prevented him from maintaining his hobbies as much as he would like. Suddenly, the dream came alive!

  Together and each on his own, we created, critiqued and spent endless time discussing our mutual interest in our creations. We set up a workshop in our homes, shared equipment and skills, and at some point we realized that we finally found that perfect match! We decided to set up a shop that will showcase our creations. Each one of us will bring his own style, her own unique point of view. We aim to allow our differences and our shared ideas to create a whole that is greater than the combination of its parts. Noam brings his wild imagination, his energy and stormy character, while Miri, with her calmer and more gentle spirit, brings a feminine approach, with some color and spark. With mutual respect and lots of love we set up the soul of our baby company, and we proudly invite everyone to peek and choose for themselves or their loved ones a bit of this and a bit of that, for different moods, occasions, or simply different times of day.

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