Hibiscus Flower

Hibiscus Flower

SKU: FP_0180

פרח כסף ציפור גדול, חלקו בגימור מבריק ותוכו מחורץ

A large shiny silver flower shaped pendant,  the petal centers have a striped texture

  • Silver Jewelry Information

    Our Gold jewelry pieces are made of sterling silver and gold plated with quality 18 Karat gold.

    Extended exposure to salt water, swimming pools, perfume and creams may cause damage. Exposure to harsh cleaning materials is to be avoided.

    We are proud of our jewelry and believe in its quality. We would like to help our clients enjoy them for a long time. Therefore, we provide a three-year guarantee on the Gold plating. If during normal use the gold item loses its color, please send it back to us (contact us first, please), and we will return it to you recoated, for you to enjoy.

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