Stars Threesom

Stars Threesom

SKU: FR_0021

שלוש טבעות כסף משובצות באבני "קוביק זירקון" מנצנצות. שתיים בגימור מוברש ואחת בגימור מבריק

Three silver rings set with small shiny "cubic zircon" stones. Two rings have a brushed finish, one is shiny.


Beautiful together, but can also be worn seperately.

Zircon or Diamonds
  • Silver Jewelry Information

    Silver jewelry tends to oxidize over time, changing color to gray and losing some brightness. Sometimes it makes the jewelry even more beautiful. However, there are several options to keep the silver bright. There are multiple do-it-yourself ways to clean even heavily tarnished silver items, but we recommend periodically cleaning the jewelry with silver-cleaning cloth (included in the package we ship) or using commercial silver-cleaning pastes to remove tarnish and maintain luster.


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